Here are some lists of books or reports I have as paper or digital copies, and reports I need a (preferably digital/pdf) copy of.

Reference Documents I Have Complete Digital Copies (pdf versions)

Listed chronologically by original release date.

“A Lunar Landing Proposal Using Rendezvous,” NASA Space Task Group, Langley Field, Virginia, 30 August 1961. 9 pages.

“Direct Flight Apollo Study – Vol. II Gemini Spacecraft Applications,” McDonnell report 9182, 31 Oct. 1962, NASA CR-155817. 139 pages.

“Application of Nuclear Rocket Propulsion to Manned Mars Spacecraft”, Widmer, Thomas F, General Electric Missile and Space Division, Prepared for AIAA Conference, October 1963, Palo Alto, California

Final Report “Gemini Spacecraft Study for MORL Ferry Missions – Volume II,” McDonnell Report A172, 13 Nov. 1963. 226 pages. Available at:

Summary Report “Gemini Spacecraft Study for MORL Ferry Missions,” McDonnell Report A320, 13 Nov. 1963. 30 pages. 

“Advanced Gemini Circumlunar Mission,” April 1964 letter/memo to Eldon Hall from John Hammersmith with an evaluation of a potential lunar mission. 18 pages.

“Gemini Applications for Lunar Reconnaisance,” McDonnell report A634, 10 April 1964. 27 pages. Available on Scribd:

“Advanced Gemini Missions,” July 1964 letter/memo to GPO from John Hammersmith and Eldon Hall with a list of potential Gemini experiments and missions as a follow-on to the planned ten crewed flights. 17 pages. [Obtained from Roy Houchin.]

Summary Report “Report on the Optimization of the Manned Orbital Research Laboratory (MORL) System Concept,”, Douglas Aircraft Co., Report SM-46071, NASA Contract NAS 1-3612, Sept. 1964. 31 pages.

“Structural Design Criteria Gemini Spacecraft,” NASA CR-101267, NASA contract NAS 9-170, prepared by R. E. Neas, J. D. Shepherd (Group Engineers, Loads), 15 Feb. 1962, revised 4 Jan. 1965. 90 pages. 

“Gemini Spacecraft – Advanced Missions,” McDonnell report B766, 26 May 1965. 27 pages. Available:

“Rendezvous Concept for Circumlunar Flyby in 1967,” Martin-Marietta Corp. report P-65-91 Rev. 1, July 1965. 54 pages.

“Winged Gemini,” McDonnell Aircraft Co., Report No. E045, 10 Sept. 1965. 36 pages.

“Gemini 6/7 Press Kit,” NASA HQ, Release 65-362, Nov. 29, 1965. 83 pages.

“Gemini Program Mission Report, Gemini VI-A,” NASA MSC, MSC-G-R-65-5, NASA TM-X-61012, Nov. 1965. 168 pages.

“Report on the Development of the Manned Orbital Research Laboratory (MORL) System Utilization Potential (Task Area IV – MORL System Improvement Study),” Douglas Aircraft Co., Report SM-48818, NASA Contract NAS 1-3612, Dec. 1965. 141 pages. [Available on NASA NTRS.]

 “NASA Project Gemini Familiarization Manual – Long Range and Modified Configurations,” Vol. I and Vol. II, 1965 and 1966 versions. (aka “SEDR 300”). Available:

“Gemini Summary Conference,” NASA SP-138, Manned Spacecraft Center, Feb. 1-2 1967

“Summary of Gemini Extravehicular Activity,” NASA SP-149, R.M. Machell, editor. NASA MSC, 1967. 336 pages

 “Project Gemini – Technology and Operations – A Chronology,” J. Grimwood and B. Hacker, NASA SP-4002, NASA HQ, 1969. 328 pages.

On the Shoulders of Titans, Hacker, B. C. and Grimwood, J. M., NASA SP-1203, Washington D.C., 1977.

“Enchanted Rendezvous – John C. Houbolt and the Genesis of the Lunar-Orbit Rendezvous Concept,” James Hansen, Monographs in Aerospace History Series #4, 25 Jan. 1999, NASA HQ History Office. 78 pages. Available:

“The Blue Gemini Blues,” Dwayne A. Day, BIS Spaceflight, June 2007. 9 page article.

The Dorian Files Revealed: A Compendium of the NRO’s Manned Orbiting Laboratory Documents, James D. Outzen, , ed., National Reconnaissance Office, August 2015

“Spies in Space: Reflections on National Reconnaissance and the Manned Orbiting Laboratory,”, Courtney Homer, Center for the Study of National Reconnaissance, NRO, May 2019. 118 pages. Available:

“Manned Orbiting Stations and Alternatives, Vol. I thru IV, Report to the President’s Scientific Advisory Committee,” AS-63-V001-03984, October 10, 1963 

Reference Documents I Have Portions of in Digital (pdf) Format

“Mercury/Gemini Program Design Survey (NASA/ERC Design Criteria Program Stability, Guidance, & Control),” McDonnell Douglas report F917, 31 Jan. 1968. [I have copies of 11 pages with illustrations of instrument panels and cabin interiors.]

“Project Gemini – A Technical Summary,” P. W. Malik and G. A. Souris, McDonnell Douglas, NASA CR-1106, June 1968. [50 pages of misc. excerpts]

Reference Documents I Have as Paper Copies

“Project Gemini Test Plan,” McDonnell Report 8580-5, 22 Jan. 1962. Approx. 200 pages.

“Gemini – Titan 3 Press Kit,” NASA HQ, Release 65-81, March 17, 1965. 50 pages.

“Gemini Press Reference Book – Gemini Spacecraft Number 12,” McDonnell Co., Revision 30 Aug. 1966.

“USAF Recovery Operations Manual – MOL-HSQ,” McDonnell SEDR 303-2R. Undated (assumed mid-1966) manual for recovery of MOL heat shield qualification test spacecraft 2R.

“Launch Evaluation Report MOL/HST Spacecraft,” McDonnell Report T-126-53.0, , USAF contract AF 04(695)-920, 3 Dec. 1966. Approx. 100 pages.

“Gemini Midprogram Conference Including Experiment Results,” NASA SP-121, Feb. 23-25, 1966. 443 pages.

“McDonnell – Gemini Experience,” McDonnell comb-bound presentation package, 35 pages, undated but post-Gemini 12.

“Gemini Final Summary Report,” P. W. Malik and G. A. Souris, McDonnell Aircraft Corp. Report F169, 20 Feb. 1967, NASA contract NAS 9-170. 574 pages.

“NASA Project Gemini Familiarization Manual – Long Range and Modified Configurations,” Vol. I and Vol. II, 1964 and 1966 versions. (aka “SEDR 300”). 

“Big G,” McDonnell Douglas comb-bound presentation package, 97 pages, 20 Dec. 1967.

On the Shoulders of Titans, Hacker, B. C. and Grimwood, J. M., NASA SP-1203, Washington D.C., 1977. [I also have a pdf I found on-line.]

“Lunar Operations Rescue Considerations,” McDonnell briefing charts, March 1967, 41 pages. [I believe the paper copy I obtained while working at McDonnell Douglas is the only surviving copy. I have a pdf scan of this.]

Reference Documents Needed

“Orbital Futures, Selected Documents in Air Force Space History,” David Spires, published by USAF Space Command, 2004. 

“Partial System Package for Program 287, Supplement 1 (Blue Gemini),” Headquarters, Space Systems Division, Air Force Systems Command, 1 October 1962.

I found it embedded in “Orbital Futures, Selected Documents in Air Force Space History,” a 2004 compendium, but that was on Google Books and not downloadable as a pdf.

“Application of Nuclear Rocket Propulsion to Manned Mars Spacecraft,” Thomas F. Widmer, 1963.

This is a paper about the 1963 GE Mars mission with the X-20/Gemini lander. It is available here for $25 but I don’t need it that badly:

“Gemini – Large Earth Orbit,” McDonnell report B743, 19 June 1965

The pdf I have only has excerpts, about 12 pages.

MORL Final Report. MORL continued into 1966 and I would love to see a final report to see what their ‘final’ recommendation was for a logistics vehicles. 

“Preliminary Project Development Plan for an Advanced Manned Space Program Utilizing the Mark II Two-Man Spacecraft,” NASA Space Task Group, Langley Field, Virginia, 14 August 1961.

I don’t have the full report, only the title page and related notes. I did obtain the appendix with Chamberlin’s Open Cockpit lander from the history office at Clear Lake.