Gemini Advanced Missions

With a successful Mercury program in the books, MOL underway as a (non-NASA) contracted Gemini application, and a couple of manned Gemini missions completed, anything seemed possible. This led McDonnell to issue a proposal for additional Gemini missions that could be accomplished after the original planned ten missions were completed. These nine concepts were documented in McDonnell Report B766, The Gemini Advanced Missions

These ideas included:

  • Rendezvous with an Unmanned Satellite 
  • One-Man Gemini-Earth Surface Mapping 
  • One-Man Gemini with Astronomical Telescope 
  • Artificial Gravity Experiment 
  • Simulation of LEM Rendezvous 
  • Structural Assembly in Orbit 
  • Propellant Transfer Tasks
  • Long Duration Mission 
  • Land landing

The main problem with this proposal was that the Gemini program became focused on proving out the technology needed for the Apollo lunar mission. There was little interest and even less money available for follow-on applications and none of these proposals were pursued.