April 2022 Status

The AIAA paper was completed for the January 2021 SciTech forum. Contact me if you want a copy.

Since then I have discovered more Gemini concepts and may have enough material to turn into a book. We’ll see. Some of the old Air Force reports are very difficult to find. But I did add a page on MTSS/MODS and found several other small space station concepts.

May 2020 Update

I am working on a paper on this topic for an AIAA in early 2021. With that research well underway, I updated this website with some of that content.

5/10/20 Update: I added a page with the reference documents I have been using. Some folks have helpfully offered me some publications, so this will let you know what I already have and what I am looking for.

Lost Gemini

I set up this WordPress site to consolidate and share my notes on my research on obscure Gemini concepts that never flew. I am looking for other space buffs to help me fill in additional info.